We were founded in 1994 by the late Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris and Philanthropist/Businessman Dr Bertie Lubner. Initially, the day to day needs of children was a priority but soon after, the organization evolved into one focused on overall development. Renamed MaAfrika Tikkun and later Afrika Tikkun, our approach was refined and reformulated into the Cradle to Career 360° model. This Model is aimed at providing education, health and social services to young people and their families through centers of excellence in South African townships. Our main goal is to create a sustainable future for the youth of South Africa and the credibility of this cause won the support of the organizations Patron-in-Chief  in memoriam, Nelson Mandela. Since then, we have built 4 centers of excellence across Gauteng and 1 in the Western Cape.


After a visit to a Tikkun project in Orange Farm in 1999, President Nelson Mandela said that he had “seen a miracle” and, offered to become the Patron-in-Chief.

In the words of Nelson Mandela:

“The [Ma]Afrika Tikkun project demonstrates in a practical and sustainable manner what can be done with limited resources, great commitment and passion. The challenge to reach all the disadvantaged people of South Africa remains a paramount one. We need all the resources, both human and financial, to address these challenging tasks. It is my belief that [Ma]Afrika Tikkun represents the best of what civil society can offer in partnership with Government’s considerable efforts. [Ma]Afrika Tikkun has proven that it has the ability to reach sections of our disadvantaged population at grassroots level. It therefore provides both physical help, as well as giving hope and dignity to the recipients.”


The primary objective of Afrika Tikkun is to provide holistic development in disadvantaged communities. We aim to empower young people by affording them the opportunity to receive gainful education, good health care, nutrition and support for their families. In doing so, we equalize the playing field for unprivileged young people so that they have the same employment opportunities that privileged youth have. We offer a number of programs that enable young people to develop into all rounded individuals. Our 360 degree Model of care consists of three program, namely: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development, and Career Development. Additionally, we have programs which support our 360 degree Model, namely: Family Support Services, Primary Health Care, The Empowerment Program and Nutrition and Food Security Program.